We Are Climate Action Advocates

To mitigate the worst effects of global warming we need to defeat both CO2 in the long-run as well temperature rise in the short-run as a double-edged sword handed to us by our past emissions and polution. We intend to accelerate ocean-based climate cooling solutions over the next five to ten years to develop and deploy effective cooling strategies.

We Support And Advocate Ocean-Based Climate Strategies

With time pressing, we are actively advocating and facilitating scientific modeling and analysis, contributing to the development of governance models, and providing vital support and energy to drive innovations and funding for Ocean-Based Climate Cooling Strategies (such as MCB).

MCB in the news

In our media center, you can explore the latest updates on Marine Cloud Brightening (MCB) and other ocean-based climate cooling concepts. Our focus lies in advocating for climate cooling strategies, sharing insights into our research partners’ efforts and progress, and connecting the world to the advancement of innovative transformative technologies. Are you ready to delve into something new?

Advocating Climate Action

The Ocean As Our Ally

The Blue Cooling Initiative advocated and facilitates scientific advancements in climate cooling technologies through organizing financial support, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and engagement, and addressing governance issues.

BCI avocates and facilitates progress by facilitating funding, fostering collaboration across different fields of expertise, and ensuring effective governance frameworks are in place to support the development and deployment of innovative and effective climate cooling solutions.

While we advocate research colaboration, BCI also advocates and facilitates funding to create a global governance framework and scientific field experiments within the European Union, African and the Middle-East

Together, we strive to advocate the acceleration of sustainable ocean-based cooling strategies to benefit the whole global community.

The Blue Cooling Initiative advocates to advance climate cooling strategies and innovative approaches centered around nature-based and ocean-based climate cooling solutions.

BCI underscores the importance of preserving marine and coastal ecosystems, and restauration to restore biodiverity on land and in our oceans.

By integrating effective governance frameworks, such as those advocated by the Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative, into Climate Cooling strategies, BCI advocates and facilitates responsible growth and international cooperation.

BCI advocates that Climate Cooling strategies evolves in a manner that benefits society equally and equitably.

The Blue Cooling Media Centre

In our online media center, you will find a collection of the latest information on MCB and other ocean-based blue cooling strategies. Discover upcoming global BCI and Climate Cooling events, enhance your knowledge, or become an active supporter by subscribing to our newsletter. It’s the brighter choice for a sustainable future.

Top Stories

CO2 Effect Underestimated, Climate Crisis More Severe Than Thought

According to researchers from Columbia University, led by James Hansen, the warming effect of CO₂ is 50 percent stronger than previously believed. Hansen also points to “an imbalance between the energy coming in from the sun and the outgoing energy from the earth,” which has significantly increased and nearly doubled in the past decade.

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Global warming is accelerating to a Hot Earth scenario

Hansen said that while cutting emissions should be the highest priority, “thanks to the slowness in developing adequate carbon-free energies and failure to put a price on carbon emissions, it is now unlikely that we can get there – a bright future for young people – from here without temporary help from solar radiation management”.

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We’ve Been Accidentally Geoengineering the Earth for Decades

For the past few decades, an acidental, actual geo-engineering experiment has taken place in an uncontrolled way. Ship tracks generated clouds over the Pacific Ocean caused by shipping container vessels.

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Can we cool the atmosphere with ocean-based cooling strategies?

Creating whiter clouds or shooting particles into the air to counteract global warming. These are examples of biomimetic ocean-based climate cooling strategies, which involve cooling in the Earth’s atmosphere by means of influencing its natural climate systems.

Clouds Nine

Climate cooling solutions like Marine Cloud Brightening are at the center of attention. We are happy top share inspirational videos that explain, support, and illustrate Marine Cloud Brightening and other nature-based climate cooling solutions. Share your videos. 

Climate cooling with no delay

Climate cooling – keep it cool

Learning curve – marine cloud brightening down under

The Blue Cooling Initiative features the world’s leading scientists in webinars that explore the pros and cons of geoengineering, particularly Marine Cloud Brightening and other ocean-based technologies. We are currently preparing a new series. Sign up for our newsletter to receive advance notifications.

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Are you ready to delve deeper into the Blue Cooling agenda? Want to learn more about scientific advancements focused on oceanic and blue ocean cooling concepts? We are here to guide you through the latest developments.

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April 10th

2024 Ocean Decade Conference

Three years after the start of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030), a global conference will bring together the Ocean Decade community and partners to celebrate achievements […]

April 12th

The 21st International Ocean Film Festival

The International Ocean Film Foundation (IOFF) is delighted to announce that the 21st Annual IOFF film festival will be making waves on April 12-14 in person at the Cowell Theater […]

April 14th

OCEANS 2024 Singapore

The OCEANS 2024 conference, to be held in Singapore during 14-18 April at the iconic Marina Bay Sands, will bring together academics, industry, philanthropic, government and non-government organizations related to […]

Educating The World About Climate Cooling Strategies

How we band together to take decisive climate action? The Blue Cooling Initiative believes that education is essential in inspiring hope and to establishing the foundation for an natureinclusive, nature-based future.

Cloud Brightening in a jar’ as a fun experiment at home.

Climate Cooling Strategies can provide educational tools as part of Climate Changes programs in schools.

Advanced trainings are made freely available by the Copernicus Marine Institute.

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