The Blue Cooling Initiative (RSIN 864005568) is an independent foundation in the Netherlands advocating research into Marine Cloud Brightening and other ocean- and nature-based Climate Cooling Strategies that may help us to mitigate the effects of global warming.

Limited liability

In the context of our initiative, we use a website that we strive to update and complement regularly. However, there may be instances where the content is incomplete or incorrect.

Specifically, regarding information from external entities (e.g., websites, science initiatives, social media, etc.), we are not responsible for any evident programming errors or typos. The Blue Cooling Initiative does not take responsibility for and is not liable for any damage caused by hyperlinks to websites or services of third parties on our website.


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Data Processing Policy

The processing of personal data on this website is limited to the following purposes:

  1. Improving Website Functionality and User Experience:
    • We collect data to enhance the functionality and overall user experience of our website.
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    • This includes sending newsletters, event invitations, and other forms of communication.
  3. Providing Related Information:
    • We use the data to provide information related to the Blue Cooling Initiative (BCI), Marine Carbon Budget (MCB), and Solar Radiation Management (SRM).

The data we collect includes contact details such as names, email addresses, affiliation information, and other relevant information that allows us to keep web users informed about the activities of our foundation after their (initial) consent.
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