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Our Earth is overheating. We need to buy time for survival of humanity.

The Blue Cooling Initiative is about buying time for humanity to bring our ways of living in harmony with the earth’ carrying capacity. We want to achieve this by temporarily cooling the planet via a technology called Marine Cloud Brightening. BCI contributes to the technical development and political/societal acceptance of MCB. BCI wants to deliver the evidence MCB is possible and governable using nature-based solutions. We acquire funds for technical development & organize societal/political landing creating coalitions between scientists, politicians, NGO’s, businesses and the public.

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What We Do
Our mission is to buy time for the survival of humanity and increase our window to transition to a sustainable economy and ecology.

Our Earth is Overheating

Our human ecosystem Earth is currently heading for >1.5  degrees of heating and will pass tipping points soon, killing life as we know it. We will not be able to reduce CO2 levels and temperature rise in time with the current measures in place

Coastal flooding cities

Global models show that without coastal protection or adaptation, and in an average temperature scenario, there will be an increase of 52% of the global population and 46% of global assets at risk of flooding by 2100.

Draughts threaten our  water supply

Increasing Temperatures and Severe Weather Events Threaten State’s Fish and Wildlife, Ecosystems, and Native Plants. Under current GHG emissions levels, between 45 percent to 56 percent of the natural vegetation in California will be climatically stressed by 2100.
sea levels chart

Coastal cities at risk of Rising sea levels

ClimATE change will affect us all
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70% in cities

70% of people live in cities which are historically close to coastal areas

216 million+

People could be forced to migrate by climate change by 2030 - World Bank

1 Billion+

People will be displaced by climate by 2050

"The world around us is changing fast. When are we going to change? "

Hans van der Loo
Co-founder and CEO Blue Cooling Initiative
Hans van der loo

"The world around us is changing fast. When are we going to change? "

Hans van der Loo
Co-founder and CEO Blue Cooling Initiative
Solar radiation management research to date is modest. It received about USD 8 million in each of 2017 and 2018, in comparison to the approximately USD 3.5 billion spent annually on climate change research in the United States alone.
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What is Marine Cloud Brightening?

A comparison of 3 types of solar radiation mitigation

One way may be found in the science of Solar Radiation Management: reduce global warming by reflecting more sunlight back into space. And within the range of techniques in this field, we find a promising one: Marine Cloud Brightening (MCB). With MCB we use the natural process of sea spray to increase the reflectivity of marine stratocumulus clouds.

Marine Cloud Brightening  can be applied locally and its effects can be adapted almost immediately when causing harm.

Space Shield
Stratospheric Aerosol Injection
Marine Cloud Brightening
Thought Experiment
Theoretical modelling
Trials running
Outer space
Inject 50 thd SO2 MT/day into stratosphere, create H2SO4 particles
Mimic natural sea spray in marine boundary layer
Massive geo-engineering experiment
Massive geo-engineering experiment
Mild “cloud engineering”
Huge engineering challenge
Huge engineering challenge
Existing technologies
Unachievable in timeframe available
Available within 20 years?(Too little, too late?)
Available within 5 years?(Just in time?)
Not localized
Huge latency
Switch on & off
No known side-effects
No political license
No political license
Political license achievable
No societal acceptance
No societal acceptance
Societal acceptance achievable
Science fiction
Desperate last resort?
Window of Opportunity closing fast
What We Do

Blue Cooling Initiative Supervisory Board

Ian Dunlop, M.E
Board member
Dr. Bremley Lyngdoh, PhD
Board member
Dr. Brynhildur Davíðsdóttir, PhD.
Board member
Dr. Joellen Russell, PhD.
Board member
Nguyen Hong Thi
Board member
Ólafur Ragnar Grimmson
Board member

A global coalition of Research Institutes

The Blue Cooling Initiative aims – together with scientists from well-known research institutes and the experienced team of sustainability advocates – at catalysing both the technical development and the political/societal acceptance of Marine Cloud Brightening.

On the other hand, the experienced team of sustainability advocates Wouter van Dieren (Club of Rome and coalition builder) and Hans van der Loo (Think Tank chairman and diplomacy coordinator) and coalition builders. Their activities will be supervised by a board of young and enthusiastic scientists and strategists from countries most affected by climate change and be measured along the ruler of the Oxford Principles for Geo-engineering.