Jeannette Hoek, Hans van der Loo, Wouter van Dieren and Dale Anne Bourjaily

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The following fine photographers and videographers contributed to the website of the Blue Cooling Initiative under the Creative Common License (in alphabetical order).  

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Clouds – video by Pressmaster
Iceberg – video by Mikhail Nilov
Sea – photo by Viktor Jakovlev
Girl beach – video by Kindel Media
Man and child – Jan Kopriva

The Case for MCB

Satellite image Earth – photo by United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Land and Sea – video by James Cheney
Boy aquarium – video by Kelly

What We Do

Icy sea – video by Tom Fisk
Kids beach – photo by Samy
Delta – photo by United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Kids drawing – video by rdne

We thank Copernicus Marine Service, ESA, and NASA for their contributions.

The Blue Cooling Initiative made every effort to present the original creators of photos used on the website.