Your Commitment To A Critical Timeframe

The Blue Cooling Initiative is a collective with an open, progressive mindset about what you can contribute. We design the cooperative framework and set the stage for advancing the science, governance, and technology behind MCB within this decade. In which accelleration area would you like to contribute with your impact?

Acceleration Objectives and Activities

Organizing Societal Acceptance:

  1. Raising public awareness about the potential and necessity of ocean-based cooling solutions.
  2. Engaging communities and stakeholders in discussions to build a broad base of support.

Securing Funding for R&D:

  1. Attracting investment from both public and private sectors to advance research and development of these climate cooling solutions.
  2. Lobbying for governmental and international funding and support.

Removing Barriers by Forging Coalitions:

  1. Building alliances between scientists, policymakers, and industry leaders to overcome regulatory, technical, and financial hurdles.
  2. Coordinating efforts to ensure that we can accelerate deployment effectively and efficiently.

Call to Action

The Blue Cooling Initiative calls for immediate action not only to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the root cause of climate change but also to implement emergency measures to directly address the rising global temperatures. By accelerating the development and deployment of ocean-based cooling technologies, we can potentially mitigate the worst effects of climate change and protect our planet for future generations.